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January 12th, 2007

Beating the clock!

Ah... the good old LJ... almost (but not quite!) a year since my last post.

For tonight, a shout-out to Shadarko, MorGlor, Allura, Kwijibo, Krypt, Bunnywoman, and myself (and perhaps Ladyhawke and Boondoggle, though I don't know if they've heard about this plan) -- chapters are due in 19 days!

January 30th, 2006

Okay, it's not spring, but the car really needed cleaning out, and when it's roughly 70° and sunny... it's close enough. So we set about cleaning the interior of the car. It started as just getting out the camping gear left over from our Death Valley trip with chukar, but soon we were down to the space under the front seats, not to mention the door-panel storage spaces...

Our findings included:
  • A once-cylindrical candle neither of us recognized (now dramatically oblong in cross-section);
  • a rubber egg shadarko gave to us a year or so ago;
  • an almost unrecognizably chipped queer quack;
  • 90 cents in loose change;
  • my birth certificate (!);
  • a gas receipt from Shell in Shelbyville, Indiana, dated August 28, 2002 (near the end of our cross-country move to Cincinnati, on our one-month anniversary);
  • and so much more...

September 6th, 2005


The refrain in the first couple days after the levees broke: "Nobody expected that the levees could possibly breach."

The refrain now: "Nobody expected that the levees could possibly survive a Category 5 hurricane anyway."

I open the floor to a contest, for the best rhetorical question. Points will be awarded based on creativity, pith, and succinctness, with possible bonus points for subtle incorporation of violent imagery. Go.

July 13th, 2005

So by now those of you who read aethera's LJ and/or UF are well aware, I'm sure, of why my previously waning lack of online presence returned with a vengeance last month. Let's face it -- given the distribution of our friends, the odds of anyone reading this not having seen her posts are slim to none. But if you're one of those rare ducks, skip to the last paragraph for the background and come back when you've done your homework.

Ready? Good, because I have two points to make. Read more...Collapse )

June 8th, 2005

I returned to the reed this morning.Collapse )
I finally went out and bought supplies for the prototype condenser reed, v0.1. I decided to use copper embossing sheets, as (1) true gold leaf was unavailable and the imitation gold leaf packaging didn't say what it actually was, (2) the proper adhesives for use in metal leafing are rather toxic, and (3) copper's conductive and solderability qualities are known. Following is descriptive and photographic documentation of progress.Collapse )

May 30th, 2005

An experiment

I'm about to embark upon an experiment that will test two hypotheses at once.

The first hypothesis is that if I can apply a thin coating of a metallic substance (I'm thinking gold leaf) to the right spot on the inner side of each blade of an oboe reed, that the reed will act as a condenser microphone, picking up the vibrations of the reed in a purer form than simply miking the instrument. I'm taking a somewhat educated guess that I will get the purest tone by placing this pickup at the heart of the reed (the thickest part, a few millimeters back from the tip).

The second hypothesis is that if I announce this plan publicly, I'll be more likely to follow up and actually try to do it.

Now why would I do such a silly thing? Well, partly just to see if I can. But it's more than that, and it really goes back to Carleton and the Dancing Grannies.
Read more...Collapse )

April 28th, 2005

Hold music. That brilliant invention whose sole purpose is to say, "No, you haven't been accidentally disconnected, it's really just that nobody's getting around to talking to you."

In other words, "Your call is important to us; it's just not important enough to answer."

I just got off hold with AppleCare. Trying to reach a specific extension to talk to someone in the US, but nobody in the call center in India knows how to transfer me over. I end up on hold for about five minutes, but not with the traditional hold music. Oh no. Instead it's somewhat upbeat pop piano muzak playing at HALF SPEED. (That's half the tempo and an octave too low.) Somehow that makes it take only half the usual amount of time to make me hate my life.

I was on hold for so long, in fact, that the person I was trying to reach was about to leave, saw in the case notes that I'd been trying to reach him, and called me back himself. Brilliant.

April 23rd, 2005

I finally broke down and got a LiveJournal account.

I expect those are among the most commonly posted words ever. But they're true. I'm hoping to switch to the feed from my Movable Type blog eventually, but for now this is it.

Just posting to introduce myself. In case anyone seeing this doesn't recognize my handle (and doesn't live up to g_m_s's standards of stalkerdom), I'm aethera's husband, alternately known as Sean or Bear. And the picture is one of our ferocious cats, Emmitt, courageously attempting to protect us against an evil and dangerous webcam.

So... hi! Going to get ginger rosewater ice cream now.
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